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Mas Moner is an elderly people’s home located in a beautiful natural setting, a 13th-century country house refurbished to offer all the comforts and services needed in later life. For this project, at Blocd we worked on the home’s entire identity – its stationery, signage and website – with the aim of conveying a modest, friendly and professional style.

As core components of Mas Moner’s identity, we can highlight the use of white and blue, a colour linked to the medical facet of the home’s services, but with a warmer approach. The selected typography is Clearface, a classic font with pleasant shapes, reflecting the Mas Moner team’s friendliness when interacting with its elderly residents. In all communication, and on the website, our aim was to directly address those families choosing this home for their elderly relatives. Particular importance was placed on the country house’s natural setting, its interiors and the services offered, always in a simple manner and with the aim of breaking away from the harshness and coldness usually associated with the geriatric world.

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